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The Vancouver School Board is a large, urban and multicultural school district. They are committed to providing the highest quality learning experience for all students, helping them to reach their intellectual, social, and physical potential in a safe and inclusive environment. The Vancouver School District is among the most diverse public school systems in Canada with an annual enrolment of approximately 48,500 students in Kindergarten to grade 12. In addition, the Vancouver School District provides educational programs and services to full-time Adult Education students.
Their programs and services address the extraordinary and complex challenges associated with a diverse district. Their goal is to serve the needs and tap the potential of each of their students so that they may achieve their unique potential.
Vancouver schools are involved in a wide range of partnerships with cultural, arts, and service organizations. The district also offers a multitude of services and program options to meet student interests and needs.


  • Program Enrolment: about 1,700 students
  • % of total District Enrolment: 3%
  • 1,200 international students
  • 44% speak a language other than English at home
  • Language(s) of Study: Spanish, French, Japanese, and Mandarin.
  • Countries of Origin: students come from over 16 countries, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A., Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, and Mexico
  • List of Schools: Britannia Secondary School, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, Churchill Secondary School, David Thompson Secondary School, Eric Hamber Secondary School, Gladstone Secondary School, John Oliver Secondary School, Killarney Secondary School, King George Secondary School, Kitsilano Secondary School, Magee Secondary School, Point Grey Secondary School, Prince of Wales Secondary School, Templeton Secondary School, University Hill Secondary School, Vancouver Technical Secondary School, Windermere Secondary School, South Hill School

Attività ed Escursioni

Vancouver secondary schools offer a wide variety of excellent academic, fine arts, advanced placement, language, and computer studies courses.
Foundation (required) courses follow British Columbia provincial graduation requirements:

  • English, English literature, communications
  • social studies, history, geography
  • mathematics
  • biology, chemistry, physics, earth science

Elective courses include:

  • band, strings orchestra, chorus, drama, dance, graphic arts, fashion design, and more!
  • French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin credit courses
  • information technology, accounting, drafting, and CAD credit courses

Students with strong academic achievement may study Advanced Placement courses in calculus, computer studies, literature, history, and sciences at some schools. Vancouver school district’s designated programs are open to qualified local students first, and to qualified international students, depending on available space.

Students aged 18 and over may complete high school requirements at an adult school that offers academic credit courses leading to graduation.


Sports may vary from school to school. Students participate in sports in intramural teams which take place at lunch break or by joining school teams in season:
Sports lists:
Badminton, basketball, co-ed ultimate, cross-country running, rugby, golf, girls’ soccer, ice hockey, swimming, softball, tennis, table tennis, track and field, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, volleyball, wrestling


  • Application to the school/district identified
  • Definition of Academic Curriculum
  •  FEE enrollment costs
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • School enrollment
  • Full board homestay accommodation
  • District health insurance
  • Assistance during the stay with local coordinators
  • Agency Fee
  • Transportation from the airport to the host family