Indipendent Lake Camp (Age 9-17)

Thompson - Pennsylvania - USA


Session 1: 25 June – 08 July

Session 2: 09 July – 29 July

Session 3: 30 July – 19 August

2 or 3 weeks program


€ per una settimana


Programmi sport e divertimento

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ILC takes pride in its elective program with a diverse range of options for activities. Although we are a non-traditional camp with an individualized program, we do have a set schedule, attendance is taken at each activity, and there is appropriate supervision of all campers at all times.

The approach they take regarding the campers’ schedules is based mainly on individualized programming. Each camper can choose what they want to do from a wide variety of activities offered by multiple departments. Tutors provide guidance for younger campers in their selections.

As part of the ILC culture to keep activities safe and inviting, the schedule allows for all campers to try out activities before making their prime selections. After taste testing and actually experiencing the offered activities, they will narrow down their three favorites as their


Play is one of the things that come most naturally to a person. It is through play that pupils learn more about the world around them in a safe and controlled environment, whilst simultaneously developing social skills. Play allows pupils to practice interacting with others while learning to respect the rules of the game they are playing, skills that they can transfer through to adult life.

When playing games and sports that involve physical actions or movement, they are led to develop their physical coordination or psychomotor skills too. All in all, regardless of the nature of the game/sport, games and play help develop pupils’ concentration and memory skills.

This is the approach used in this Camp to give the chance the international students to learn English as a second language.

The presence of more than 70% of locals gives the chance to experiment with the language on the field.


Attività ed Escursioni


Magic (Sleight of Hand, Card Magic, Stage Illusion, Trick-A-Day, Games & Puzzles)

Fine Art (Painting, Drawing, Cartooning / Anime, Knitting / Crocheting, Candle Making, Jewelry, Ceramics, Graffiti, Sculpture, Puppetry, Junk Art, Recycled Journals, Plaster Work)

Dance (Hip Hop, Salsa, Caribbean, International, Modern, Jazz, Lyrical, Zumba, Yoga)

Music (guitar, bass, and drums, as well as vocals and songwriting


GO Kart, Aerial Adventures, Role Playing Games

Nature (hiking, identifying plants and wildlife, building campfires, learning archery & fishing, visiting the chicken coop, helping in the garden, creating nature art, learning science and environmental stewardship, and experiencing some wilderness adventures


The Sports Department at ILC is a place where kids can get their exercise but most of all, have fun. They can choose between:


Basketball, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Archery & Archery Games, Table Tennis & Pickleball, Cross Country & Running Club, Weight Room, Fitness classes, Team Sports,


Skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading and of course extreme scooters


Swim, Sail, Water Ski, Wakeboard, Kayak, Canoe, Banana Boat, Aqua Jump, Splash Trax Obstacle Course, Pool games: Water Basketball & Volleyball, Water Aerobics, Pool Parties, Fishing




The course fee is fully inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Included: Accommodation, Airport Transfer Service (any time of the day), Lessons, Excursions, Laundry, Materials, Meals (Full Board), Sports & Activities, and Travel Insurance.

Not Included:  Exams, Flight, Pocket Money