Roncalli Catholic High School – Private

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA


Agosto 2023 – Giugno 2024
Agosto 2023 – Gennaio 2024
Gennaio 2024 – Giugno 2024


€ 27.660 USD per Year per anno
€ 17.210 USD per Semester per semestre
€ a trimestre
€ a quadrimestre


Anno all’estero

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Roncalli Catholic High School is a small school with a strong family community. Modern facilities include a Fine Arts Center which houses the Zimmer Auditorium and Atrium providing space for music, art, and dance. Manitowoc is located on Lake Michigan, connected to the Manitowoc River. The city has a population of 34,000 which increases to more than 50,000 when including surrounding communities. Manitowoc participates in the International Twin Program with the Japanese city of Kamogawa. The city has three colleges/universities within its limits. Many activities take place in the parks and beaches along Lake Michigan in the four-season climate.
Over 100 courses are offered in a comprehensive curriculum which includes Advanced Placement courses in Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, English, and U.S. History and Human Biology. Electives are offered in the practical and applied fine arts which include Art, Band, and Chorus, as well as Business Education, Computer Science, and Family and Consumer Education. The school offers an Academic Resource Center for specific individualized student support and two networked computer labs with wireless access throughout the building. The school is a 1:1 computer school.


School Type: Private Day School
Foreign Language Courses
:  French, Spanish
Enrollment Restrictions: None
Advanced Placement Courses: English, Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature, Physics, US History
Grades at School: 9-12
Total Students Per School: About 1000
Diploma Year Offered: Yes
STEM Program: NO

Attività ed Escursioni

Arts: Art Club, Drama, Band, Choir, Dance (Partial list)

Extracurricular Activities: Art Club, Boxing Club, Dance Team, Digital Media Club, Drama (Fall Play), Earth Club, Equestrian Club, Ethnic Eating Club, Mock Trial, PhotoClub, Ski Club, Speech Team, Spring Musical, Student Government, Yearbook



Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Wrestling

Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball

Cheer, Dance Team


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  • Definition of Academic Curriculum
  •  FEE enrollment costs
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • School enrollment
  • Full board homestay accommodation
  • District health insurance
  • Assistance during the stay with local coordinators
  • Agency Fee
  • Transportation from the airport to the host family