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From Jan 2023



€ 25.200 for 1 Year per anno
€ 15.000 for 1 semester per semestre
€ a trimestre
€ a quadrimestre


Anno all’estero

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Classic High School is the traditional high school program that most students choose. This is the perfect choice for students who want a genuine exchange experience. They match you with a carefully selected host family and high school in Australia. You can be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature. This is the program for you that are open-minded, and excited to try new things. It doesn’t matter which of our exchange programs in Australia you choose, you will be staying with a caring Australian host family. Your host family will introduce you and give you a close insight into the Australian culture.

All families look different – some live in the city or on the countryside, others by the coast, some have children, others do not. What they all have in common is that they are excited about welcoming you into their home and their Aussie lives.


South Australian Government Schools provide study environments with well-equipped learning spaces, world-class technology and passionate teachers who will nurture your ambitions and work with you to achieve your dreams.

You can choose a school that is near the beach, close to the city centre or in the country. We have over 100 accredited schools to choose from, located in Adelaide and regional South Australia, offering:

  • special interest programs and co-curricular activities
  • specialist resources for technology, arts, hospitality, sport and VET
  • an international student program manager in every school
  • local school buddy to help you settle into school life

The international program is centrally managed. They are happy to offer a high level of service to our international students, parents, homestay families, education agents and accredited schools. Every aspect of your study program, including homestay accommodation, is centrally managed within our office by a caring team of dedicated staff. This makes South Australian Government Schools unique in Australia. You can also choose a school that fits your educational pathways – from science and technology to the arts, hospitality or vocational trade. You can study a variety of subjects while also experiencing the Australian lifestyle.

Attività ed Escursioni

The programme encourages international students to take part in the extracurricular activities available at their school. Joining extracurricular clubs and sports teams is a great way for students to enrich their high school experience, as well as make new friends with similar interests.

The selection of extracurricular activities offered at our schools is different at each school, and may change from year to year. Here is a sample list of activities that have been offered within our District:

– Anime, aquarium, band strings, bridge, chess, choir, dance, drama, environmental, fitness and conditioning, fishing, gay/straight alliance, improvisational theatre, jazz band, juggling, knitting, leadership, outdoors/camping, musical theatre, peer mentoring/tutoring, photography, politics, rowing, sailing, slam poetry, speech and debate, student newspaper, youth for change


The programme offers a diverse selection of sports like:

  • Australian Rules football
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Beach volleyball
  • Rock climbing
  • Ssailing
  • Surfing.


  • Application to the school/district identified
  • Definition of Academic Curriculum
  •  FEE enrollment costs
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • School enrollment
  • Full board homestay accommodation
  • District health insurance
  • Assistance during the stay with local coordinators
  • Agency Fee
  • Transportation from the airport to the host family