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Langley School District is governed by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Government-certified teachers teach a complete government accredited and approved curriculum in all of the schools. International students studying in Langley can take advantage of all regular programs and academies available to Canadian students.
Students can choose from a variety of classes, all taught by Government trained and certified teachers. In addition to the standard core courses and elective courses, they offer a number of specialized programs.
Their schools offer an excellent learning environment with a full range of academic and elective courses for international students to choose from. They also have full ELL support from beginner to advanced levels. Each student is assessed upon arrival and is provided appropriate levels of English language and academic instruction depending on their abilities and goals. Each secondary school has a dedicated International Student Coordinator that works closely with students to make sure their academic, social, and emotional needs are addressed so they stay focused on their studies.


Specialized Programs: French Immersion, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Fine Arts

Language(s) of Study: English

Total number of schools: 45

High schools for international students: 8

Total Students: 24,000

Total International Students: 900

International Students Accepted for Grades: K-12

List of Schools: Aldergrove, Brookswood, DW Poppy, Langley Fine Arts, Langley Fundamental, Langley Secondary, R.E. Mountain Secondary, Walnut Grove

Attività ed Escursioni

Over the years Langley School District has built and maintained a solid reputation for delivering quality programs to students.  Students will enjoy great experiences and equal opportunities while achieving their goals regardless of their school of choice. All schools offer strong support for International Students, including ELL support. All schools have a full range of academic courses, elective courses, extracurricular activities, and sports teams.
Advanced Placement International students have the opportunity to begin their full credit university studies while studying in Grade 12. All secondary schools offer enriched courses that are accepted as first-year credits in universities across Canada, the United States, and around the world.
International students who have a special interest in visual art, dance, music, drama, or creative writing have the opportunity to take a specialized Fine Arts concentration at our Fine Arts Schools. These schools offer Fine Arts Programs where academics and fine arts are equal partners. Programs are available for secondary students on a limited space-available basis. Langley Fine Arts School graduates have been accepted to prestigious Fine Arts Programs around the world. The Fundamental Program is available for lower and higher grades and is based on a back-to-basics approach to education. Emphasis is placed on the development of respect and responsibility, a strong work ethic, and basic skills. The curriculum focuses on numeracy, literacy, grammar, phonics, handwriting, and spelling. In the upper grades, this is expanded to include information technology.


Langley School District offers one Sports Academy to allow students to pursue athletic futures while completing their academic studies. The academies provide students with professional coaching, practice and game opportunities, strength and conditioning training and theory, nutrition education, sports psychology, and post-secondary planning. Students have the opportunity to play competitively while studying, as seasons permit. This program is offered at the following school:

Langley Secondary School Sports

Semester 1:

  • Baseball Academy
  • Softball Academy

Semester 2 :

  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy
  • Soccer Academy


  • Application to the school/district identified
  • Definition of Academic Curriculum
  •  FEE enrollment costs
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • School enrollment
  • Full board homestay accommodation
  • District health insurance
  • Assistance during the stay with local coordinators
  • Agency Fee
  • Transportation from the airport to the host family