Hancock - New York - USA


Session 1:         June 11 – Jun 25
Session 2:         June 25 – Jul 09
Session 3:         Jul 09 – Jul 23
Session 4:         Jul 23 – Aug 06
Session 5:         Aug 06 – Aug 20
Session 6:         Aug 20 – Aug 27

2-4-6-8-10 weeks program


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Programmi sport e divertimento

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The fully elective program was designed and implemented at French Woods almost 53 years ago. They are masters of elective and creative programming, they can work with any camper no matter what their interest or skill level is, and we pride ourselves on offering each camper a unique individual camping experience.

Our fully elective program allows campers to select their own activities. The Major and Minor option gives campers the ability to mix concentration, experimentation, fun, recreation, and exploration.

There are six activities per day, each one hour in length; three of these periods are called Majors, and three are called Minors. Majors are chosen at the beginning of each session and are maintained for two weeks. Minors are chosen daily at breakfast. This lets campers concentrate on the things that interest them, while also providing the chance to try something new.


Play is one of the things that come most naturally to a person. It is through play that pupils learn more about the world around them in a safe and controlled environment, whilst simultaneously developing social skills. Play allows pupils to practice interacting with others while learning to respect the rules of the game they are playing, skills that they can transfer through to adult life.

When playing games and sports that involve physical actions or movement, they are led to develop their physical coordination or psychomotor skills too. All in all, regardless of the nature of the game/sport, games and play help develop pupils’ concentration and memory skills.

This is the approach used in this Camp to give the chance the international students to learn English as a second language.

The presence of more than 70% of locals gives the chance to experiment with the language on the field.

Attività ed Escursioni

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Circus
  • Rock Music
  • Creative Arts
  • Communications Challange Course
  • Technology
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Magic
  • Cooking


The Sports Program attracts athletes from all over the USA and abroad. Top coaches and professional players support each camper to improve their game and learn new skills.

Training is focused but FUN and all sports are open to all skill levels. Campers can explore a new sport, play just for fun, and join a team to compete against other camps. Serious athletes are provided with instruction, support, physical and mental conditioning, and the confidence needed to succeed.

French Woods Sports and Arts have top sporting facilities and equipment including a very impressive full-size indoor.

This camp offers these sports:

  • basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, fitness, volleyball, gymnastics, cross country running course, archery, and golf
  • watersports, lake heated pool, kneeboarding, Fly Fishing, waterskiing, kayaking, wakeboarding
  • Extreme sports (Skateboarding, Scooter)
  • equestrian
  • fitness


The course fee is fully inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Included: Accommodation, Airport Transfer Service (any time of the day), Lessons, Excursions, Laundry, Materials, Meals (Full Board), Sports & Activities, and Travel Insurance.

Not Included:  Uniform, Flights, Pocket Money