Bucksmore Summer (Age 10-13/13 – 16)

Surrey - UK


King Edward’s School: 5 July- 2 August

2 or 4 weeks

Plumpton College:  28 June – 16 August

2, 3,4,6 or 7 weeks


€ 1550 for 1 week


Programmi teenager

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Bucksmore Summer provides students with 20 hours of English per week, in a maximum class size of 11 students.

The academic program is taught through a combination of general English tuition, project sessions, academic English, conversation classes, and excursion link lessons.

Suitable for all levels from beginner through to proficient. The syllabus combines language study and language in use to offer a variety of lesson types with the main focus on developing communication skills.

The general English course aims to:

• Build language skills and confidence gradually through our multi-level syllabus.
• Help students achieve individual goals in language learning.
• Gain a better understanding of English books, films, songs, the internet & media.

Co-curricular activities

The social program is an important part of any summer school experience and is a great way for students to socialize and practice their English with each other.

Organized by a dedicated Activity Manager, each week students will have two full days and one half-day excursion to destinations across the UK, plus an on-site activity program.



Team Sports Tournament:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Tennis




The course fee is fully inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Included: Accommodation, Airport Transfer Service (any time of the day), Lessons, Excursions, Laundry, Materials, Meals (Full Board), Sports & Activities, and Travel Insurance.

Not Included:  Exams, Flight, Pocket Money