Bede’s Pro Dance ( Age 12-17)

Upper Dicker - UK


2-week Dance and English course run from 3 July to 13 Aug
Students must do 2 weeks of the course
Train in Classical Ballet / Contemporary Dance
Required an Intermediate or Advanced level.



€ 1.888 for 1 week


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This intensive, professional two-week dance course takes place at Dicker centre, home of Bede’s Senior School, and is open to students who are trained in Classical Ballet / Contemporary Dance from intermediate to advanced levels.

Students receive 12.5 hours of English and at least 17 hours of dance training per week.

The core programme includes classical ballet, contemporary and choreography. Students also receive improvisation, conditioning, fitness and Pilates sessions. All dance training is delivered by the ex-ballet dancer and industry professional, Mr Paul Liburd MBE.

At Dicker Centreoffers most Bedrooms have 1 or 2 beds. Storage space is available. Bathroom are shared. Most boarding houses have their own communal space for students to relax and these are all the facilities: Tennis courts, swimming pool, sports hall, squash courts, playing fields, drama theater, dance studio, art studio and cafè.


Lessons: 17 hours of Dance and 12.5 hours of English per week. English classes have a maximum of 14 students. Weekly progress checks to monitor performance.

English Levels: 6 levels are available from A1-A2 (Elementary) to C2 (Proficiency). Entry test on first Monday with a speaking, grammar and writing component.

English Skills focus on developing students’ general knowledge in English and ability to communicate effectively and accurately in everyday situations and different contexts. Students will be tested, challenged, supported and stimulated.

Co-curricular activities

Excursions are a mandatory part of the programme. We offer students the opportunity to visit places of cultural and historical interest, as well as the chance for sightseeing, shopping and amusement.

Wednesdays: trips are a half-day afternoon/evening visit and may involve visiting a local place of interest in a nearby town or an off-site activity, such as Adventure Golf, Beach Volleyball, Castle, Country Park, Indoor Rock Climbing, Museum, Pier, Skating, Street Markets.

Saturdays: excursions are a full day trip and include a cultural, touristic or recreational visit to London or another place of interest such as British Museum, Buckingham Palace, London Dungeon, London Eye, London Zoo, Madame Tussauds, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Thorpe Park, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey.

An alternative sightseeing tour of London will be available every Saturday.

Sundays: excursions are often more relaxing trips to a local seaside town, such as Brighton, Chichester, Eastbourne, Hastings or Worthing, where students can stroll along the beach, have lunch in the park or do some shopping. Sometimes students will partake in off-site activities.

A full programme of organised and supervised SOCIAL EVENTS is offered every evening to encourage students to make new friends and develop their social skills. By actively encouraging the mixing of nationalities, we are helping to create a harmonious international community in which students can live, study in a safe and comfortable environment and enjoy themselvesEXAMPLES:
Disco, Fashion Show, Karaoke, Messy Games, Mini Olympics, Music Quiz, Nerf Wars, Pool Party, Talent Show.


Dance Training: this intensive and exclusive Dance course, delivered by the ex-ballet dancer and industry professional Mr Paul Liburd MBE, helps students to develop their technical dance (ballet and contemporary), choreographic and performance skills. Throughout the course, dancers also improve their creativity and critical thinking.

Course Content: Pro Dance students receive at least 17 hours of dance training per week. The core programme includes classical ballet, contemporary and choreography. Alongside the core programme, students receive Pilates, conditioning, fitness sessions and improvisation sessions.

  • Classical Ballet, Focuses on musicality, strength, alignment, extension, travelling, jumps.
  • Contemporary, Exploration of various Contemporary Dance techniques.
  • Choreography, Students learn the choreographic tools needed to create their own dance routines.

Training is delivered in a group of up to 20 dancers, who receive both individual and group training, in line with the philosophy of learning academic dance concepts through practical sessions.

Final Performance: On the last Friday, students will perform a demonstration and sharing of the work covered in both
Classical Ballet and Contemporary training sessions in front of an audience.


The course fee is fully inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

Included: Accommodation, Airport Transfer Service (any time of the day), Lessons, Excursions, Laundry, Materials, Meals (Full Board), Sports & Activities and Travel Insurance.

Not Included: Academies, Exams, Flight, Pocket Money