Argentina- Cordoba

Argentina- Cordoba


July 2023 – June 2024
July 2023– December 2023
February 2024 – June 2024


€ 7800€ for 1 Year per anno
€ 6100€ for 1 Semester per semestre
€ a trimestre
€ a quadrimestre


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Argentina is, no doubt, a very beautiful and lovely country. Every year we are offering new possibilities for our participants to enjoy fascinating locations and have an exciting experience abroad. Ethnically and culturally, Argentines are a perfect mix of Latin American and European, especially Italian and Spanish styles. This mixture of different peoples and cultures has created a rich and unique Argentinean culture separate from the rest of Latin America. People are very warm, open, and friendly, and our students are always surprised to see how Argentines make the most of every situation. They are not afraid to show their emotions, are friendly by nature, and are willing to give foreigners the chance to fit in the country, speak their language, and have lots of fun. Those who visit Argentina will be surprised by its impressive landscapes. The country’s natural wonders offer unique attractions, ranging from the southern Andean mountains to the northern deserts and from Iguazú Falls to the magnificent wildlife and vastness of Patagonia. Not to be missed! Location The Argentina High School Program is available in a number of secondary schools located in cities and smaller towns all over Argentina. The main destinations are the city of Córdoba, small towns in the Province of Córdoba, and smaller cities all over the country; we have also been expanding to include other locations such as La Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan, etc. We care for our students with a consistent personalized approach.


It is mandatory for all participants to attend a secondary school in Argentina as any other Argentine student of their age. The school year starts in March and finishes in November. In July there are 2 weeks of winter vacations. Most schools start at 8:00 AM and until 01:00 PM and many of them require students to wear uniforms.
Argentina has a very good public education system, placing the country high up in the global rankings of literacy. Today the country has a literacy rate of 97% (2003 Est.). School attendance is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 17. The Argentinean school system consists of a primary or lower school level lasting six years, and a secondary or high school level lasting another six years. Our participants attend an Argentine secondary school where they learn subjects such as Biology, History, Geography, Mathematics, Spanish & Argentine Literature, Economy, Computer sciences, Arts (Music, Theatre), etc. They also join their fellow Argentine schoolmates in sports and cultural activities.

Attività ed Escursioni

Optional Excursions
Participants are offered by local Representatives an optional 10- day excursion to Patagonia and to the Northwest of Argentina through a very well-known Argentinean tour operator specializing in youth travel. These trips take place during the months of October/ November (Patagonia trip), and April/May (Northwestern Argentina) and have special and convenient rates for our students. It is a good opportunity for our participants to meet with other fellow students placed in other Argentine cities so they can all share their experiences.
Unlike other countries where it may be very difficult to integrate into the new society, Argentina offers a very intense social life, an ideal situation for our participant students. Argentines are very spontaneous and there is always something going on.



Students can join any kind of extra-curricular activities in clubs and a variety of cultural institutions, such as sports, theatre, music, etc.

In some schools, these activities can be done in special training courses.


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  • Full board homestay accommodation
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