Abbotsford - British Columbia - Canada


Agosto 2023 – Giugno 2024
Agosto 2023 – Gennaio 2024
Gennaio 2024 – Giugno 2024


€ 27.200 CAD per Year per anno
€ 14.200 CAD per Semester per semestre
€ a trimestre
€ a quadrimestre


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Abbotsford School District is recognized as a leader in Canada for its cutting-edge innovation and technology. Home to one of Canada’s top animation programs and an award-winning TV and Film Program, they also offer advanced 3D design programs for engineering and architecture.
International students from around the world choose ASD top-rated schools to attain a world-class education. Abbotsford High Schools provides innovative programs and advanced academic opportunities in modern, well-equipped facilities. Students benefit from a wide variety of cultural experiences and valuable life lessons to help them succeed in university and beyond.
Its world-class education system offers international students the opportunity to study English, enroll in special interest programs, and even obtain university credits while in high school.
International and Canadian students study alongside each other in modern facilities equipped with the latest technology. Innovative courses and programs, taught by well-qualified teachers, enable students to achieve great academic and personal success.

Students can enter Academic Competitions or enjoy taking part in our many clubs and recreation activities. Abbotsford has a wide variety of strong sports teams that welcome international students. Abbotsford School District is proud of its unmatched student support – in addition, to supporting school counselors, ASD has 9 full-time International Assistants who speak a variety of languages, and who are in constant communication with students, teachers, and homestay families to make sure that students are performing their best.


  • 19,000+ students
  • 7 high schools (grades 9 to 12)
  • 1,400 teachers
  • 450 international students
  • virtual school
  • less than 3% of international students
    Choice Programs
  •  International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Science and Busines
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Performing and Visual Art
  • Technology
  • Aviation
  • Sports Academies
  • Outdoor Education
  • Animation / Film /Broadcasting

Attività ed Escursioni

Throughout the school year schools organize numerous cultural events and “Theme Days”. Students can also volunteer or join a variety of clubs and activities:
Art, Intramural, Sports, Youth Rotary, Dance Public, Speaking, Graduation Council, Math, School Newspaper, Friendship Club, Yearbook, Choir Band (Jazz and Orchestra), Photography, Student Leadership, Scholarship Club, Theatre, Multi-Cultural Club, Outdoor Education, Cooking, Library Assistant Group Club of Good Deeds, Graphic Design and Global Stewardship.


International Students can participate in competitive or recreational sports that are offered at schools or in the community recreation centers.

Sports list:
Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Wrestling, Football, Rugby, Skiing, Cross Country and Running


  • Application to the school/district identified
  • Definition of Academic Curriculum
  •  FEE enrollment costs
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • School enrollment
  • Full board homestay accommodation
  • District health insurance
  • Assistance during the stay with local coordinators
  • Agency Fee
  • Transportation from the airport to the host family